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People invent machines for the purpose of extending our physical and mental capabilities. With the help of human-made machines, we are able to fly into the outer-space, dive deep into the water, and move much faster on lands. In particular, with the help of industrial robots, we are able to manipulate and handle very dirty, very difficult and very dangerous materials, parts, components and objects. Robots also help us to undertake repeated jobs without any fatigue. The successful story of industrial robots will be followed by other types of robots. One of them is humanoid robots which can not only do better jobs in industry, but also provide unprecedented services, such as education, entertainment and integrated care, to needed people (e.g. pupils, kids, and elderly). The core business of Humanoid is to develop, manufacture and sell intelligent robots under the brand name of ROBOY, which provide convenience to augment productivity, safety, security, entertainment, and services.


Business Products

We focus our technical competence on the development of robots with built-in intelligence. Our products extend from industrial robots to service robots. For example, we offer intelligent robots in the following categories:

  1. Robots for Drive-Safety (i.e Smart Cars)
  2. Robots for Medical Tasks
  3. Robots for Industrial Tasks
  4. Robots for Educational Purposes
  5. Robots for Entertainments and Shows
  6. Robots for General Services


Business Services

The core competency of Humanoid consists of cutting-edge research in machine intelligence, humanoid robotics, and mechatronics. Therefore, we are the best business partner to offer you the consultancy and training in:

  1. Guidance and control of vehicles
  2. Guidance and control of robots
  3. Machine vision for inspection, surveillance, reconnaissance and guidance.
  4. Robots for industrial automation, rehabilitation, elderly care, entertainment and education.
  5. Intelligent media for web intelligence, gaming, and machine translation.
  6. Human-machine interaction with human languages.
  7. Challenging projects with the use of robots of various types.


Business Emails

General Inquiries: contact@humanoid-robotics.com

Sales Inquiries: sales@humanoid-robotics.com


Business Address

Humanoid Robotics International Pte Ltd
21 Bukit Batok Crescent, #17-71 WCEGA Tower
Singapore 658065
Tel: (+65) 6570-0513
Fax: (+65) 6469-7417
(Business registration number: 200718705H)